Brew the Tea – Tea Types, Preparation, and Serving Techniques

Tea selection for your party can be overwhelming.  There are teas from Africa, China, India, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Japan and many other countries.  Each has a distinct and unique flavor and you will need to determine which tea or teas you want to serve your guests, how to prepare the tea and how to serve it.

When preparing, you should always start with fresh cold water and bring it to a full rolling boil.  You should preheat the teapot you will be using to serve the tea to your guests—this helps keep the tea hot longer.  When brewing the tea in a large teapot, you should allow one teabag for each two cups of tea.  If you are using loose tea, you can use 2 tablespoons of tea leaves for each cup.  Remember to use a fabric tea sock, paper filter or infusing basket to keep the tea leaves contained.

Tea should be served by one or more people selected by the hostess.  Each guest will be offered a cup of tea and asked what they would like added to it.  In some instances, the server will specifically ask if you want sugar, cream or lemon added, and then, they will add these items to your tea and hand you a cup ready to drink.

Your guests will be delighted in the different types of teas available and for the opportunity to be served tea at your party.  The goal for the hostess is to make sure that every guest enjoys the tea party and that they will have an opportunity to drink tea and socialize with others.


How Many Options Do You Offer?                        

Typically, people like to drink their tea plain or with lemon, sugar, or cream.  But some people may have dietary restrictions due to allergies, high cholesterol, interactions with medications, or because of being lactose intolerant.  Instead of cream, they may require milk.  Instead of whole milk, they may need 2 per cent, low fat, or no fat milk.  Some people may be diabetic and want a sugar substitute.  Others may prefer honey as a sweetener.  As a host, how many options do you provide at your tea parties?

You decide how many options you do or don’t want to provide.  Your budget may be a consideration. Perhaps, the most important factor to consider, however, is your need to make your guests aware of what ingredients you are serving so they can choose for themselves whether or not they want to partake of them.

If you do choose to offer many options, you can consider scheduling your tea parties close together so you can use the same dairy products and lemons before they spoil.  While trying to please everyone can mean more dishes for you, just be glad you have the opportunity to show off your pretty china, silver, or ceramic pieces.  After all, the reason for having them is to use them.

If you need more serving pieces that one of your tea services provides and you have more than one tea set, feel free to use multiple sets at the same party.  Your guests will see all your finery at once and probably be even more impressed than they would have been otherwise.  In the end, you’ll find the person enjoying using your tea services the most will be you!


Tea Times Have Changed  


Sterling silver and fine china tea sets are exquisite.  Lace tablecloths are dainty napkins are elegant.  Brewing tea is extravagant.  Are the days of formal tea parties over?  Of course not!  Formal tea parties are still a luxury worldwide; but, times have changed.  Not all tea parties are formal.  Tea parties have become “personal tea time” – meaning that in today’s hustle-bustle world, when you want a cup of tea, you can have it whenever you want it – without a formal setting.

For example, instead of brewing tea, you can use a teabag and drink your tea from a mug while sitting in front of the television set.  As you sip, you can place your teacup or mug on a television tray or end table.  Tea is so popular that you can even buy a teacup and pitcher designed specifically for one person.

Whether you drink tea at a tea party or by yourself, formally or informally, the taste of tea is what has become so popular now.  The numerous tea stores and types of tea prove this popularity.   Plus, tea is just as much for males as for females.  After all, what tastes good to one gender usually tastes good to the other.

Next time you drink a cup of tea, consider the difference between the formal style of yesteryear and the casual atmosphere of today.  When it comes to drinking tea, either mode is equally acceptable and for tea lovers everywhere – aren’t you glad?


Health Benefits of Drinking Tea For Your Immune System


If you want to transform your immune system to better fight off colds and flu, drinking tea can be a powerful and easy way to accomplish your goal.  Studies from Harvard University showed that those who drink 5 cups of black tea a day for 2 weeks transformed their T cells into super cells that produced 10 times more cold fighting interferon than those who did not consume black tea. Green tea was also just as effective.  Other germs were also defeated in this study including infected cuts, food poisoning, and diseases like malaria.  Even drinking less that 5 cups a day provides some valuable benefits.  So, drink a cup or two of black tea a day for benefits that are well worth the time to brew a cuppa.

World Tea Expo

The World Tea Expo is held yearly and is always a shining success, judging by the renewed interest in the second most popular beverage in the world after water. Thousands of tea lovers and exhibitors promote the notion that tea is not just another drab beverage.  Tea sales have reached $1.9 billion with most growth in the specialty tea area.

Consumers now enjoy a wide variety of teas: black, white, green, and red.  Not only do they enjoy the flavor but also the health benefits since scientific studies have shown the there are enormous health benefits due to anti-oxidant properties in tea.  We are well on our way to becoming a tea drinking society with many ways to enjoy the flavorful variety of teas available here.  Some of us choose to enjoy our hot tea served in a bone china teapot and teacup.  Other of us require tea incorporated in snack bars or fancy stirs.  Either way, Americans will continue the trend of tea-drinking and tea parties with renewed pleasure.


Tea and How it Benefits Your Health


Did you know that besides being soothing and comforting to drink, tea has added major health benefits for you as well?

Teas which are green, black, oolong and white have many healthy attributes within them. They have very important antioxidants contained within them. Phyto nutrients such as these teas contain have been proven to prevent diseases of chronic natures and improve one’s health just by drinking it. Some studies have even shown cells of cancer being inhibited and cardiovascular improvements in tea drinkers.

The black teas have been known to lower hormone stress levels in tea drinkers and drop the amount of cortisol levels within their bodies as an added benefit.

Drinking green teas could help diabetes prevention and it also boosts one’s system of immunity. Green teas are used for many other healthy remedies all over the world today such as stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, and irregularity, lowering levels of cholesterol, prevention of cavities and mainly as a type of antioxidant. This tea may also have positive anti-inflammatory effects as well.

White tea drinkers have been known to have improvements within damage to cells of the skin, colon problems clearing up, and it also contains anti-bacterial types of properties within it. These white teas are pale in color but full on their sweet and smooth taste.

Herbal teas have also been known to be great relievers of stress and fatigue. Drinking a warm cup gives one a sense of calm and relaxation where all your troubles and cares seem to just melt away.

Oolong teas have a similarity to that of green teas flavor with a bit of bitter twang to the end and finishes with a very sweet rich taste. Benefits to health for this tea include respiratory cleansing, weight loss and detoxifying effects within the body.