Tea Party Themes

Tea party themes can be a lot of fun for you and your guests.  Whether you are planning for a birthday party, anniversary or festive holiday season, you can create an overall theme to transport your guests into the mood of the event.  Putting together a tea party theme is easy.  It is basically just a matter of coordinating the food, décor and ambiance based on your initial theme. Popular parties center on many different themes.  Some of the more recent popular themes are Valentine’s Day, Easter, Spring Fling, Mother’s Day, Bridal Tea, Independence Day, Birthday, Ethnic, Bon Voyage, Autumn Celebration, Thanksgiving and even Christmas.  The theme for a tea party is only limited by your own imagination.

Tea Party Decor

Tea Party Themes and Decorations

To have the perfect tea party you will need decorations to “wow” your guests, along with tasty teas and tea cakes to serve to them.

Decorate the room, in which you are having the tea party with bright, freshly cut flowers in beautiful arrangements and different styles for a touch of warmth and comfort for your guests.

Offer your guest some mint which is a fresh scent, or lemon as an accompaniment to their teas for even more added flavor and display these on the table in tiny crystal jars for more ambience.

Place cards are a true necessity for any tea party. They are elegant and chic in many design motifs and show your tea party guests their seating arrangements as well.

Use classy tea cozies for added touches of elegance, these cozies come in many designs and patterns, and you can also find people who handcraft them for real uniqueness.

Use a lot of flickering candles in intricately designed votives and candlesticks in colors tied into your tea party scheme of decorating. Have some elegant votives for each guests to take home afterwards and enjoy also, this is an added treat for them.

Play some soft, classical music in the background for your guests while they are enjoying their tea and conversations.

Each table at the tea party should be decorated with fine linen tablecloths and each should have candles on top with beautifully arranged fresh flowers, along with elegant linen napkins and napkin rings. These will make every table grand and inviting.

If you have a fireplace in the room where your tea party is held, light it for your guests to enjoy its beauty and crackling for a relaxed and welcome feeling. This is if the weather permits.

All of these great tea party theme decorating tips will help you have the best most elegant tea party in town.

Avoid Holiday Stress – Meet Your Friends For Tea

Ideas for tea party themes are endless, subject only to your imagination. We will attempt to talk about as many themes as possible so you will have a wide variety to choose from.  For most people, the holidays are stressful.  You have to buy gifts, wrap gifts, and deliver gifts along with your other obligations.   With limited time and often a limited budget, how can you deliver your holiday gifts without inviting the recipients for lunch, brunch, or dinner?  Consider inviting your gift recipients to meet you for tea.

If you invite guests to your home for tea, remember that they may have a specific preference for caffeinated tea, decaffeinated tea, herbal tea, or a specific brand of tea.  The choices are endless. Serving a variety of teas available will help please your guests as well as ensure you have plenty of tea left for future guests (as well as yourself).

Having guests in your home may not be the best option for you if you don’t have time to clean up your house.   Simply invite your guests to meet you for tea at a nearby tea shop or even a local shopping mall food court.   If you meet at a food court, you can even continue your holiday shopping afterwards, which means you’re using wise time management skills.

Whether you have guests in your home or meet outside your home, visiting while you drink tea is the perfect way to deliver your gifts simply and comfortably.  You can both relax and enjoy yourselves as you visit.  When you’re the first to suggest, “Let’s get together for tea again after the holidays,” you can secretly remind yourself that avoiding stress is worthwhile any
time of the year.

Popular Tea Party Themes

Birthday Tea Party
Bridal Shower Tea Party
Valentine Tea Party
Tea Party for 5 year olds
Garden Tea Party
English Tea Party
Mother / Daughter Tea
High Tea
Cookie Club Tea
Dinner Club Tea
Seasonal Tea Parties –
Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring
Christmas Tea
Victorian Tea
Color Themed Tea Party

Deciding on a tea party theme provides a unifying concept and a direction for your own creativity and for the pleasure of your guests.  A tea party theme will make it easier for you to decide on what food to serve, how to decorate the room, how to plan the design of the invitations, and how to set the tone for your guests.  It also provides you with a focus around which to plan and perfect all of the details.

If you are not sure how to choose the tea party themes you want, ask a very close friend for their opinion.  Nothing is more flattering than asking someone for advice.  Get their feedback and then, once you have your theme identified, you can start planning for your special tea party.