Placecards are a special way to invite your guests to sit down and enjoy the tea table and treats that you have prepared for them.  If you want to add elegance to your next tea party, subtly direct your guests to their seats with a unique and thoughtful place card.

They will be thrilled at your attentions to detail.  There are an unlimited number of ideas for place card holders, as simple as a mini teacup or as elaborate as a floral wreath perched on a plate with a place card nestled in the center.  Bring out antique brooches from your collection or find them at a flea market for a jeweled place card holder.  Vintage egg cups filled with a sprig of greenery can serve as a perfect holder, or a mini topiary can double as a place card holder and favor keepsake to take home.  Many teaware retailers also offer gold or silver place card holders that are shaped as teapots.  Small, fragrant sachets also make an elegant place card holder and can be ordered in a variety of colors to match your party decor.  As you can see, the ideas are endless.  Use your own creativity to match your own tea party decor.


Why Bother With PlaceCards?


Having place cards involved in your tea party is a true sign of class and elegance for your guests, not to mention they look exquisite upon each of the tables.

There are many styles and patterns of place cards to fit into any tea party theme you may have in mind.

You can choose the ever popular place cards with a Victorian lady in her finest dress sipping a cup of tea, with smoky grey bordering and a lovely cream background. If you love flowers, then the place cards with arrangements of varying flowers bordering all around the cards with a beautifully colored pastel background would be perfect for the outdoor or summer tea party.

Another favorite style of place-card has a lovely teacup full of tasty tea with accompanying saucer on one side and is set onto a brilliant golden background. These add pure charm to any tea party.

The placecards depicting an elegant teacup with a cute and cuddly kitten popping out of it all dressed with bows around the neck and set on a light beige background are wonderful for the animal lovers in us all and it adds a touch of whimsy to the party as well.

For old fashion vintage styling try the place cards featuring a little girl in vintage dress and apron, pulling a tasty cake from the cast iron oven which has a steaming teapot on top ready for guests.  These come with a white background and are adorable. They help bring out the little girl in us all still.

Most of these place cards come as free standing. They have plenty of room for you to elegantly place your guest’s name upon them. For an even more visual effect, write in calligraphy style with the use of metallic golden or silver ink.