Invitations for a tea party call for a certain special look with a floral pattern that would complement your tea party theme.  Or, try to match the invitation with the pattern of your tea china. You can also be creative and use multi-colored note cards that you can embellish with your own stickers or tea theme cutouts.

Once you have set the date and time for your party, rules of etiquette say that you should send the invitations at least 2 weeks before the party. If your list includes guests that will have to travel, you should send your invitations 3 to 4 weeks before your party.   Make sure that you give specific information, such as date and time, dress and theme. You can state on your invitation if the dress is “formal” or “casual”. This can also depend on your setting and/or theme.  A garden tea party can be more casual with expected attire in the form of sun dresses.  An afternoon tea complete with fine china  can be more formal.  If you do have a theme be sure to state this on your tea party invitation.

Don’t forget an RSVP date and phone number.  RSVP is a French phrase, “respondez,s`llvous plait” which means “respond please”.  When you add “RSVP” to your invitation,  you are simply telling your guest that you want to be informed if they are going to decline or accept the invitation.

Also, you may want to include printed directions to the party location with your invitation. This is very helpful for all guests, especially if you are having your tea party at a location other than your home.


Tea Party Invitations

The Beauty of Hand Written Invitations

Whom Do You Ask?

So you’re having a tea party and you need to send invitations.  Whom do you ask?  With so many choices of guests, you can group people in a number of different ways and if you have limited space, you can consider having a number of different parties. Like any other party, your challenge is deciding which people will mix best together.  Here are a few considerations.

Consider having a separate party for your neighbors, your bridge partners, your church or synagogue friends, your
relatives, your high school or college chums, your professional colleagues, your co-workers, your email buddies, and
remember to have a party for your own family of course.  Optionally, you can mix guests from your various circles of friends.  The possibilities are limitless.

Having a tea party is such a convenient way to connect and maintain friendships as well as a good way to introduce people to each other. Your party provides the opportunity for guests to share stories, information, jokes, job leads, and contacts.  After all, people network even at tea parties.

Whomever you invite, your party invitation makes people feel important – particularly lonely people.  You may be helping people simply by including them.  Your invitation can make a person smile, mark their calendar in red, and respond with the words, “Thank you so much for inviting me — I’d love to come!”  In turn, without even trying, your kindness earns you a reputation of which anyone would be proud – the reputation of being a good friend.

Tea Party Invitations

First impressions count.  The way you invite friends or associates to your tea party will excite them with that first spark of anticipation.  Tea party invitations during the Victorian era were works of art, extravagantly engraved on paper.

Your handwritten invitations can be as simple as lettering with calligraphy on your personal stationery that reflects the theme you are planning.  You may also consider using elegant script carefully printed on special paper using your computer.

Allow about a month to give yourself enough time to get out your invitations and to receive responses.  You may even want to consider special RSVP cards that your guest can mail back to you accepting or declining your invitation.  This ensures that you will know how many people have accepted your invitation to tea.

If you decide to make your own personalize invitations, you may also consider adding glitter, confetti, or other festive touches.  The overall design of your tea party invitation should reflect the theme you are planning.  Take the time to look through books and magazines to get an idea of the type of invitation you want to create.  Even consider going to special printing stores to see what type of invitations they have in their sample books.  With the large number of retail craft stores, you can purchase all of the materials you need to create your own special tea party invitations.

Keep the wording simple and inviting.  You want everyone to anticipate your special day and look forward to when they all have an opportunity to attend your tea party.

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