Favors are a special token that you can present to your guests as they depart so they can always remember the fun they had at your party.  There are many varieties of tea party favors to purchase online.  Try to stay with your theme when choosing a tea party favor.  We love the miniature teapots and teacups as favors.  Also, popular are the fragranced soap favors and candle favors that are available shaped as roses, shells, wedding cakes, and a variety of other unique shapes.  Favor tea bags or miniature tea tins filled with delicious tea blends can be personalized with the name of your guest of honor.  When choosing tea party favors, consider teabag caddies and tea infusers.

Favors Make Your Tea Party Memorable


The finishing touch for any tea party is a favor that you give each guest to remember the occasion.  Use your imagination for the favor you give.  You can be as extravagant, playful, exotic, elegant, or as whimsical as you choose.  For example, favors can reflect a theme, a season, a holiday, or simply your own personality.  Following are some examples.

For a summer luau theme, give each guest a lei.  For a winter solstice theme, give each guest a little moon or star from metal, paper, or plastic.  For a spring fling theme, give each guest a daisy.  For Valentine’s Day, give each guest a pink or red heart.

For a unique treat, provide the supplies for guests to make their own favors.  For example, have guests put five to ten plastic beads on a green pipe cleaner, wrap the ends together to form a circle, and tie a red ribbon on the wrapped ends.  Voila – they’ve made themselves a little holiday wreath.  You can also purchase jewelry beads and elastic for jewelry from a craft store, have guests string the beads on the elastic, tie a triple knot in the ends of the elastic, and guests then have their own bracelet to take home.

For you, a favor is a special keepsake to thank guests for attending your party.  For guests, however, the favor helps keep the memory of your party alive.  Each time they look at the favor, they can say to themselves, “Oh, I remember the tea party when received this gift, and during the party, I also remember having a “wonderful time”.                                                                                              

Coffee table with teacups and tasty cakes in garden


Choosing Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to thank your guest for attending your special party. It is a little something to help remember that special time.

When deciding on your party favors try coordinating them with your party theme. Coordinate your color, designs and other elements of your party. A personalized favor is a nice touch, because you made them yourself and you took the time to personalize them for your guest. They can be relatively inexpensive when you make them yourself.

Some examples of favors that you can make yourself are boxed favors, cookie favors or even a potted plant favor. Each one of these can be personalized with your own special touches.

The boxed favor is usually a beautifully decorated tiny box filled with a special treat inside. You can decorate these boxes to complement your color theme. A cookie favor is one that is very easy to do. You can be very creative the design of the cookie.  A small potted plant would be an excellent party favor as well as a wonderful take home gift for your guest. This is something that you can also personalize. You can paint and decorate the small pot to match your party theme. You can add some beautiful flowers and you are set for your party.