Tea Party Decorations

Tea party decorations are a major part of planning the perfect tea party.  The date for the tea party has been set and the invitations sent out.  Now, you start planning on how to decorate for the tea party.  Do you want to have the entire room decorated with the theme you selected, or do you want to only decorate the tables?  Either is acceptable and the choice is yours. The focus of the decorating should be on your tables, with the room accentuating without overpowering them.  You want your guests to be comfortable and relaxed so that they enjoy the tea party.

Tea Party Decorations


Your table should have a centerpiece made from fresh flowers or small plants that are low enough so that they do not block people from seeing each other.  Use a table cloth on each table and provide each guest with a cloth napkin.  Now, you are wondering where you are going to get everything to match—well, you can mix and match your linens and tea sets to create a unique and stylish setting all your own.

Focus on your theme.  Whether it is a season theme or the tea party is to celebrate a special event, let the theme you selected guide you as you decorate.  Use local retail stores to purchase items that you will need.   If you are handy, you can make your own decorations or, you can work with the retail store to design and have them create the decorations.

Now, it is time to relax.  You have a wonderfully decorated room and tables.  Your guests will enjoy the tea party and will talk about this special day for many months.


Make An Impact With Candles

Tea party decorations can be simple, yet have impact.  Want to add a special ambience to your tea party?  Use candles.  The glow is relaxing and the flame itself is mesmerizing.  While some people stare at candles to put themselves in a meditative state, your goal is simply to use candles to create a calm setting.

Since candles are inexpensive, you can use your imagination to vary the type, size, color, and shape of candles at your parties.  You can use one or more candlestick holders depending on the size of the table, or you can put one large candle in the center of your table.  You can scatter votive candles or consider floating candles in a large bowl.  For a unique effect, put a floating candle in a tumbler of water and place one in front of each guest.

You can even give each guest a candle favor to take home with them as a memento of your tea party. Candles in the shape of a flower, angel, or other appealing design make particularly attractive mementos.  Not only do your guests receive an unexpected surprise, but also, each time your guests look at their memento, they have the opportunity to remember the special ambience and the memories of their tea party with you. From setting a cozy atmosphere to providing memories, would you ever guess that candles could make such an impact?

Hydrangea Centerpiece

Tea Party Decorations Add Atmosphere to Your Tea Party

Your home may already be beautiful.  Do you decorate even more for a tea party and if so, to what extent?  Décor sets the mood for your party and can vary from high energy to mellow relaxation.

For example, background music sets the pace for your party.  If you have fast music playing the background, your guests will probably eat faster and feel more energized.  If you want a more relaxed atmosphere where your guests slowly sip tea and eat snacks, play soft, mellow music in the background.

Lighting also plays an important part.  If you want to open all your drapes and turn on all your lights, you give guests the message of an open-air atmosphere.  On the other hand, turning off your lights and using numerous candles or having a fire in your fireplace gives your party a soft, cozy glow.

Centerpieces also create mood.  You can use candelabra, individual or floating candles, fresh or silk flowers, balloons, or even a piñata for fun.  You may even let the guests hit the piñata (after moving it to a safe place for playing with it, of course).

The atmosphere you create serves multiple purposes from expressing your own personality to setting the mood for your party.  Décor makes your parties more special, more memorable, and more fun.  Even if you decide not to have any additional atmosphere, whenever you invite guests to your home to enjoy themselves, your friendship alone is always enough for guests to leave your party feeling fulfilled, happy, and appreciative of your invitation.

Beautiful bouquet of yellow daffodils and roses in teapot on wooden background

Popular Accessories for the Perfect Tea Party

Are you hosting a fancy and fun tea party for your children, grandchildren or close friends? Then you need to know what the top 10 accessories are to throw the perfect tea party and keep all the guests talking about how grand it was and how beautiful the decorations were for many years to come.

A tea party wouldn’t be a tea party at all without quaint and sophisticated tea sets. Some of the popular patterns being used today include the Chintz pink roses, the bone china antique rose chintz, Christmas poinsettia and holly, bone china royal pansy, daffodil gardens, flower garden, English style, violet breeze and the aurora chocolate. These are only are a few of many beautiful and charming patterns to choose from.

You will also need a warmer for your teapot, who likes to drink cold tea on cool evenings?  These are available in a silver tone, gold tone or lovely pattern to match your tea set.

Serving trays will also be needed to serve your guests; these are also available in matching patterns to you tea sets for a completed look.

Votive candles in teapot styled holders or elegantly styled candle sticks are another tea party must have for added ambiance and warmth.

Place card holders are another priority must have needed for your tea party. These come in either silver or gold motifs.

Other needed accessories for tea party decorations include sugar tongs, a beautifully styled cake knife, sugar and creamer matching patterned set, lovely napkins, and lastly a great tasting blend of teas like Earl Grey, Chamomile, Blackberry, Lemon Zest, Black Tea, Green Tea, and other herbal styles and flavors. Using all 10 of these wonderful accessories will make your tea party a true hit with all of your guests. In addition, try serving tea cakes or petit fours as a wonderful tea compliment.