Children’s Tea Parties

Children’s Tea Parties are the perfect way to teach kids about table etiquette and good table manners.  Children model what you do and say, so consider the following conversation as a model for conversation at the table.

“Melissa, would you please pass the sugar for my tea?” you ask.  “Of course,” your child answers.  “Would you please pass the cream?” your child asks.  “Certainly dear,” you answer.


Teach Your Children With Tea Parties

If you want to teach your child table manners, a good way to start is through playing “tea party.”   You can give children an inexpensive tea set that doesn’t break easily or a fragile one to teach children how to handle their belongings.  With a young child, start with nothing at all in the cups, then as the child grows, progress to water, lemonade, or milk.

Children model what you do and say, so consider the following conversation as a model:

“Melissa, would you please pass the sugar for my tea?” you ask.
“Of course,” your child answers.
“Would you please pass the cream?” your child asks.
“Certainly dear,” you answer.

Carefully passing and accepting the requested items shows your child how to handle fragile objects.  You’ll be glad you taught them carefulness as they start to use fragile objects that belong to you. Also, by demonstrating proper etiquette, you’re showing children how to act around others.

After you teach your child to have a tea party, consider inviting other children (boys and girls) to join you so that your child can learn how to interact.  After the guests leave, you can discuss how the guests behaved and how your child could have responded. Not only can your child’s tea party be a learning tool, but also it offers you the opportunity to provide quality time with your child – and as any parent knows, quality time is priceless.

children's tea parties

Dolls Can Have Tea Parties, Too!


Even dolls can have tea parties with help from the children who own them.  Playing with a doll’s tea set helps build a child’s imagination as well as helps a child feel grownup.  Children can even have their friends bring their dolls to play tea party with them.  If you’re a parent, use your regular or video camera or to capture special moments.

With a doll’s tea set, children can serve their dolls whatever they want.  Fortunately, dolls can’t spill anything, but children might, so, if anything, just a drop of water is best in the tiny cups.  A doily, tablecloth, place mat, blanket, or just the floor alone under the tea set is all your child needs for hours of fun.

Since teddy bears and stuffed animals like tea parties too, your child can have frequent tea parties with lots of guests.  You can even teach your child to give verbal invitations to each party guest and to thank each guest for attending.  Starting young, your child can learn manners and become a gracious host.

When children stop wanting to play with their doll’s tea set, if you pack it away and give it to back to your children when they become adults, your children will appreciate having the set.  The set will bring back happy childhood memories and may even have some value.  And, even if the tea set doesn’t have monetary value, you can be assured, it will have sentimental value as a keepsake that your adult child will cherish.


Children’s Tea Parties 


A new generation of children is ready to learn about the wonderful world of entertaining and tea parties.  The tea party is become more fashionable again and more and more parents are hosting tea parties for their children either as a birthday or special event celebration.

Children will enjoy the tea party and will have an opportunity to pretend to be grownups.  The tea party should be geared toward the age of the children, provide flexibility and allow them to interact with each other and to enjoy themselves.  Plan an age appropriate theme, decorate the room and plan games to help entertain them.

The attire for the children can be casual or formal.  Consider making the attire for the tea party formal.  How often do children today have an opportunity to dress up in their best clothes, act like adults and sit at formal tables?

Tea parties were once a tradition in many families.  By providing your child with a tea party to celebrate a special event, you are also exposing their friends and other young relatives to a new tradition.  And, hopefully, you will start a new trend where these children will grow up and have tea parties of their own.

There is an entire generation of young people who can learn to enjoy themselves surrounded by their friends, teapots, teacups and idle chatter.  What better way to introduce them to this wonderful tradition that goes back hundreds of years.