Tea Party Accessories and Favors

Tea party accessories and favors add to the ambiance of the party and help to give your guests a warm and welcoming feeling when they come to visit.  Brew a cup of your favorite tea, serve it in your favorite tea pot and let the fun begin.  Everyone loves tea especially when the weather outside is a bit on the chilly side.  The aroma of a freshly brewed cup of tea gives visitors a sense of comfort.  But it is the tea party accessories and favors that can make the time spent together even more special.

Tea Party Accessories


There are a multitude of tea party accessories and favors that will make your tea service complete.  They add character, elegance and charm to any gathering.  Some pieces can be matched to your favorite teapot or cup and saucer pattern.  If your favorite set is a family heirloom that has been handed down to you, you will be sure to find accessories that coordinate with what you already have.  Most accessory pieces will compliment any heirloom collection.  Unique and personal tea party favors will provide style and flair to any casual or sophisticated affair.

Housewarmings, bridal showers and baby showers are just a few event ideas in which you might choose to conduct with a tea party theme.  Elegant tea party favors presented as gifts to each attendee, the bridal party or presented as a hostess gift can prove to make any event more special.  There are tea-bag caddies, floating candles and place-card holders in various themes that can easily serve as tokens to remember your special gathering by.  These favors can be used as part of the decorations for your party for all to enjoy but guests will be honored to find out they can take them home to use again and again.

Tea Party Favors


Some tea party accessories and favors are decorative and useful, such as cookie cutters, sewing kits and bookmarks in a variety of favorite party themes.  Others can express support for a favorite cause such as pink ribbon gifts, which show support for the important focus on finding a cure for breast cancer.  Some other fun ideas include letter openers, scented sachets and photo coasters in which you place a favorite photo to share.

Ideas are endless but elegance and charm that tea party favor accessories and favors offer will remain with you and your guests for years to come.


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